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Shiatsu and Healing

in Somerset and Dorset
Holistic Healing
Relaxation Skills
Spiritual Guidance
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I would love the opportunity to help you if I can. I truly love what I do and delight in giving people the support and skills to help themselves. We all need a little help at times.
I offer:
SHIATSU– a “hands-on” bodywork therapy that aims to balance our meridian system,
(the same energy pathways that acupuncturists use) relieving tight or tired muscles,
bringing a sense of ease and flow.
HOLISTIC HEALING– a gentle yet profound way of working with our whole being to
promote physical, mental and emotional health. Using light touch.
SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE  – a sacred space where you can talk to someone in confidence.
We can use a variety of tools to gain a deeper understanding and clarity into your current situation,
working together to find new possibilities and a way forward.
RELAXATION SKILLS– learn a variety of simple methods to relieve stress in your day to day life.
Give yourself tools for life.
 Hannah Taylor
Shiatsu Practitioner (MRSS)
Registered Healer (MNFSH)
Qualified Nurse (RGN)
Contact: 01963 440618
07866 804443