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in Somerset and Dorset
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Thank you so much for this morning. I should be tired but I feel great!
Liz M.
Hannah offers a spiritual warmth and understanding with freedom to talk freely and know my privacy is respected. Her medical knowledge coupled with her shiatsu training and understanding always leaves me peaceful, relaxed and free of pain and discomfort.
Chris M.
I have had many different healing therapies over the years and have found Hannah to be an outstanding shiatsu/healing practitioner. Her quality of presence, and the ability to “hold” a strong and safe space show me she has done a great deal of work on her own personal development. Her shiatsu is wonderful; sensitive, powerful and with the ability to know exactly where to work. I highly recommend Hannah and her work.
Rev Sarah Cox, Founder and Teacher of the Satvik Training School.
Calming and supportive. Your healing work has given me time to reflect and provided helpful insight into my life.
Pete M.
Before I met Hannah I had no idea what was involved in shiatsu and Holistic Healing. The best way to discover is to meet Hannah, probably as I did, at one of her Relaxation Days. I have known Hannah for about 18 months and have complete trust in her and what she does.
Kathryn M.
I’m 62 years old and have been a client of Hannah’s for 2 and a half years. The stress and strains don’t get any less just because we live in the country. Shiatsu is my answer to maintaining the equilibrium.
Alan M.
I come away from a session with Hannah with relief of arthritic pain and the emotions which often accompany pain and sleep deprivation. I leave feeling lighter, fresher, re-energized and better able to deal successfully with the “now”. Visiting Hannah is always a soothing experience and a new beginning.
Denise S.
Hannah is a very professional lady and has given me a lot of confidence in myself. Also awareness of my mind, spirit and body. She has shown me relaxation skills I can use when appropriate. I feel I am a much better person for knowing and receiving inspiration from Hannah.
Yvonne R.